eRowz, the Walloon search engine familiar with Amazon and eBay

A Walloon search engine partner of the biggest names on the Internet like Amazon or eBay?  This search engine exists, it's called eRowz.

eRowz was created in 2011, it will be active in around 40 countries by the end of the year.  Its turnover should greatly exceed 2 million euros, it will have quadrupled in 4 years, knowing that the company has been profitable since its creation.

 How does eRowz work?

Anyway, in five years, this startup based in Enghien has won over tens of millions of Internet users.  7 million unique visitors each month use its search engine to buy a second-hand good, computer, scooter, furniture or even used car.

However, eRowz is not exactly a classified site, because it does not directly collect classifieds, it aggregates classifieds sites.  It centralizes all their announcements in a database.  The Internet user accesses it through a website developed by eRowz,  Its algorithm will then sort all these ads according to the Internet user's requests. You are invited to read
more about eRowz.

Interest for the Internet user:

He no longer has to walk around several sites every day to check if there are new ads corresponding to his expectations.  "This is where all the innovation and complexity of our solution lies," explains Vincent Vandegans, technical manager of eRowz. It may seem simple when we talk about aggregation, but in fact, it's extremely complicated.  500 million classified ads that are stored in the database, which change every month. That represents a lot of things, we talk about 'big data' to process and analyze all this data which, at the base, is unstructured since it  come from heterogeneous sources that we bring together. "

 Amazon and eBay partners

The classifieds aggregated by eRowz come in particular from sites like Amazon or e-Bay.  The small startup of Enghien is one of the world's top 5 most important partners of these multinational web companies!  And they are the ones who pay erowz.  Example: you buy a used Play Station on Amazon using the eRowz search engine;  Amazon will pay eRowz a commission.