How to install WP affiliate plugin?

Affiliate marketing programs have the unique ability to help the product brands that use them to reach many audiences. Installing an affiliate platform plugin is of great importance. However, it is a bit technical. In this article, we explain how to successfully install WP affiliate plugins.

Proceed with the installation of a WP affiliate plugin in a few steps

Here are the steps to successfully install a WP affiliate platform in a few lines. You can see this to learn more.

First step

If you already have a well-stocked website, uploaded to your website directory, the affiliate file using/ wp-content/ plug-ins/directory. Another option is to add a new option available in the WP plugins menu.

Step two

In the second step, you need to move to the Plugin activation from the WordPress menu. This way you can manage your affiliates and track your clicks and referrals from the affiliate menu that will appear in your WordPress.

Third step

Next, you need to go to the Affiliate-settings-pages page and press the generate button to immediately add a new page to your platform. This new page is capable of allowing changes.

Fourth step

Once this step is done, your affiliate should be able to sign up directly, or you can do it yourself by providing links to your website.

Step Five

Go to Affiliates-Settings-integration and check the necessary integration. It should be particularly specified that this operation should be done with the utmost care. This will help to avoid problems with links.

The best WordPress affiliate plugins

To manage your affiliate network perfectly, you need to be patient and get the best plugins online. These include: 

● Pretty Links: it has the ability to easily integrate several links, but also pleases the site visitors who access them. 

● Affiliate Royale: it is an ideal plugin to have a detailed affiliate network with affiliate links and simple referral plans There are other plugins that are useful and very effective.