What are the possible challenges to try at all costs on Instagram?

Among the many social networking platforms available today, Instagram stands out largely for the different attractions it offers. You can find different games that you can play with your friends and family. And this will allow you to outdo your friends and family intellectually. Find out more about the challenges in the following article.

Truth or Dare

This is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world and you should read full article to find out the rules for playing it. Indeed, to play Truth or Dare you have to be two or more people and choose the questionnaires you want. Note that the main goal of this game is to ask the most embarrassing questions. Whether it's ordering an action or demanding the truth.

You can use the opportunity to find out each other's secrets or find out who has a crush on you. For users of the platform who cannot meet physically for the game, they can simply make a video call. This would make it all the more fun and interesting. 

The Dare game

This challenge exists in several forms and is summarised in a series of questions and challenges. For example, you will have to post a rather embarrassing message on your wall and let your followers make a judgment. The first one to fall into the trap, because of course it is a trap, since you don't need to have any people in the game. 

You can also ask a question on your wall to see who knows you best. There are thousands of questionnaires to choose from, such as the colour of your hair, your favourite meal, or your favourite book. However, if you are fond of reading fiction.

You can also ask what people dislike about you, to see what you can do to improve your habits and be more accepted in the community.