What are the quickest ways to medically evacuate patients?

Medical evacuation is becoming more and more common in hospital due to the different types of patients who require appropriate care. To this end, we propose in this article some of the quickest means of medical evacuation to opt for in order to be treated quickly. Continue reading to discover these fastest means of medical evacuation.

Medical evacuation by plane

It is no longer a secret that medical evacuation by air is one of the fastest ways to evacuate patients. For more details on the conditions of air medical evacuation check thisblog to find out. Indeed, some people prefer to be evacuated by air because it is not only quick but also avoids danger. Medical evacuation by plane is the best way to avoid fatality, since these planes are equipped with quality and adequate materials to provide first aid during the journey. With this method, the risks of traffic congestion are avoided and you can evacuate to any country.

Medical evacuation by helicopter

Like air ambulance, helicopter ambulance is also a very fast way to evacuate. Well-equipped helicopters are equipped with urgent care materials. If you have a relative who is in a critical condition and needs to be transferred to a suitable hospital that treats such illnesses, a helicopter medevac is best. However, it should be noted that this method has limitations that are not so inconvenient. With the exception of airplanes, which can fly long distances, the helicopter is limited. It cannot be deployed in cases of internal evacuation and surrounding areas (short journey). Also, although helicopter medevac has its limitations, it is much better than land medevac (ambulance medevac).  Ambulance evacuation is a slow means of evacuation. It is not as fast as the two means mentioned above. Air evacuation is ideal. It is an efficient, quick and very practical way.