What is the right attitude to adopt when you find a lost cat?

After having seen a publication of a lost cat poster, you have just found the cat concerned. This cat has left its owner to find refuge in your home. This is not the time to panic. There are ways to get the cat back to the owner. Find out in this guide what to do in such situations.

Catch the cat and lock it in one of the rooms in your house

You have just found a lost dog in your home. Since this is your first experience, panic is often the order of the day. But rest assured that there are standard ways of dealing with this. To find out more, visit this site right here. The first thing to do is to catch and lock up the cat. Once locked up, you are sure that you have a lost and found cat in your home. Cats are generally aggressive. To capture it, approach it with caution. Use food to lure it to you. A little fish would be ideal. In the middle of a meal, capture it and lock it up. The cat is now safe in your home. What would be the next step?

Call the number on the publication poster

. The poster should have the address and contact information of the owner of the lost cat you have found. Call the owner and ask for a few more details about their cat. If there is no photo on the poster, ask him to come to your home. This way, he will come and make the report. If it is his cat, he will know. If the owner is reluctant to come to your home, make a report. Go to a pet assessment agency. Animal shelters, animal services and veterinarians will help you to get in touch with the owner. In case you cannot find any of these agencies near your home, there is one last solution. Go to the nearest police station and file a report on the lost cat you have found. A police officer will certainly follow you to make the report and take the cat away.