Why does everyone want an iPhone ?

Despite its generally exorbitant price tag, the iPhone continues to be the envy of the world. This Apple phone is the best selling phone in the world and has millions of users. We give you 5 reasons that explain this craze


One of the biggest advantages of IPHONE is the update system. All devices have an IOS system and the update is simultaneous for all compatible devices. Moreover, the updates last longer. For example, the version of the Ios9 system is compatible with all APPLE devices from the IPhone 4s dating from 2011.

A more secure system

Security remains a major concern when using smartphones. Indeed, personal data are on our phones that follow us everywhere. Efforts are made by the two giants Apple and Google in this direction but Apple is ahead of Google. Indeed, the IOS system is a closed system controlled by Apple via the App store. This limits the malware that could be installed by a user. In addition, the updates install patches that protect the phone.


The iPhone is still much faster than Android smartphones. For example, the iPhone 6 is the fastest phone in the world.

The after sales service

With an iphone, thanks to a particularly reactive after-sales service, the problem will not last. Usually you just have to connect to the App store to get a diagnosis and see your problem solved. Otherwise, if you subscribe to an Apple Care insurance, you could leave with a new phone for a certain amount, often less than 100 euros. This, in case the breakdown is part of a normal use.

A phone that stands the test of time

Even several years after their use, iphones can be resold at a good price. This is possible thanks to the continuous update system they benefit from. Sometimes a 3 or 4 year old iphone can still be in excellent working condition. Of course the functionalities are not the same as the new models and the updates tend to slow down the system. But compared to android models, whose performance is quickly impaired, this is a real achievement.